Force-display device utilizing MR fluid

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In the last week we have new undergrads. In our department the undergrads are distributed to the laboratories in their final year for the thesis project. The assignment is basically made according to their choice. The undergrads are asked to submit their order of preference for the laboratories. Owing to the collected lists, the professors […]

The World Ranking of …

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According to the times higher education ranking, Nagoya University is at the 7th position, which would be reasonable, I think, although it was located at the 4th position last year. Very different ranking I got last week. I was asked for writing a review paper by Japanese Society of Polymer Processing on the topic of […]

Some events with students

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Last two weeks we have had a few events for students including some students in other universities. Several days ago, Professor Arai in Kindai University suddenly visited us with his master course students. They brought us some great news for one of the students, Mr Kobayashi, who will proceed to the phD course, he will […]

Oral exam for undergrads

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Last Wednesday we had the oral examination for the undergrads in our department. For the final clarification, our undergrads have to pass the three hurdles, consisting of i) approval from the supervisor, ii) oral defence against the other professors, and iii) thesis evaluation. The situation depends on university and even department. In some places, one […]

Final exam for master couse

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We had the oral examination for the master students. In our department, they have to submit their thesis by the end of January. Afterwards they have interviews with a few professors who are assigned as the reviewer and give the students some critical comments from their expertise. Around one week later than the thesis submission, […]

IWEAYR13 in Jeju

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In the last week, I attended the international workshop IWEAYR-13 in Jeju, Korea, with all the students in my group including undergrads. As I wrote before, the workshop is an unique event in which professors do not present any results by themselves but they give the opportunity for students. In addition, the organization focuses mixing […]

The Mayonnaise Effect

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In these days, I am struggling with my own code. The code is not new, and actually it was written several years ago, by myself. I am reading the code as I have a necessity to use it, but it is very difficult. There are several tricky parts for which I cannot remember the necessity. […]

Capillary length of water

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In the Christmas vacation I was busy for reviewing some funding proposals. To my observation, there seemed too many research plans which strongly heads to industrial applications. Although such a direction is along the social demand, as a researcher in a basic science, it is somewhat pity. Indeed, only a few proposals mentioned theoretical directions… […]