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This is the webpage for the research group on physics of rheology, Nagoya University, Japan. We apologize for any inconvenience due to the fact that most of the contents are written in Japanese at this time being.

サイト新着記事: New articles

増渕が書いたブログ等があります: New blog entries from labo-members.

  • Hearing temperature? 03/11/2017
    Very interesting article in which they discuss the difference of sounds made by water with different …
  • Ketchup From a Bottle 03/04/2017
    On March 3rd 2017, I was invited to deliver a talk on very basic rheology for the group of people mo …
  • Slimes for defence 02/25/2017
    Take a look at the video above. I found this video from this article, in which possibilities of slim …
  • Photos from IWEAYR-12 02/19/2017
    All the students and post-doc members joined the 12th International Workshop for East Asian Young Rh …
  • Rheology of Flog’s Saliva 02/04/2017
    Take a look at the very interesting video above. In particular, I am very much interested in the flo …

関連学会等情報: Related conferences

  • The 15th International Conference on Advanced Materials 03/11/2017
    Aug 27 – Sep 1, 2017, Kyoto Japan
  • 第66回高分子討論会 03/11/2017
    第66回高分子討論会 会期:2017年9月20日(水)~22日(金) 会場:愛媛大学 城北キャンパス 研究発表申込締切 6月14日(水) 予稿原稿投稿締切 7月19日(水) http://main.s …
  • 2017年度高分子学会年会 03/11/2017
    会期 : 2017年 5月29日(月) ~ 31日(水) 会場 : 幕張メッセ …
  • レオロジーレビュー講演会 03/11/2017
    2017年5月20日(土曜日)13:00 ー 17:15 講演会 京都大学宇治キャンパス おうばくプラザ きはだホール …
  • 日本レオロジー学会第44回年会 03/11/2017
    日時:2017年5月18日(木),19日(金) 場所:京都大学 黄檗プラザ(宇治市) 予稿原稿〆切 3月17日(金): 事前参加申込〆切 5月8日(月): …

What is this webpage for ?

As indicated in the group name, the research topics in this group are related to rheology, which is on the dynamics and structure of soft-matters such as polymers, surfactants, rubbers, gels, emulsions, suspensions, etc. We investigate some rheological phenomena, mainly from the viewpoint of physics, using experimental, theoretical and computational techniques. A schematic picture of our research interest is shown here.

You may see the recent activities of this group here, and who is the PI of this group here.


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