This is the webpage for the research group on physics of rheology, Nagoya University, Japan. We apologize for any inconvenience due to the fact that most of the contents are written in Japanese at this time being.

As indicated in the group name, the research topics in this group are related to rheology, which is on the dynamics and structure of soft-matters such as polymers, surfactants, rubbers, gels, emulsions, suspensions, etc. We investigate some rheological phenomena, mainly from the viewpoint of physics, using experimental, theoretical and computational techniques. A schematic picture of our research interest is shown here.

You may see the recent activities of this group here, and who is the PI of this group here.



  • 卒研配属等,ウチに興味がある学生の方はどうぞこちらこちらを御覧ください.



  • Short lecture in the Univ. Tokyo 09/24/2016
    I went to the University of Tokyo on Sep/21/2016 to deliver a lecture on simulations of polymers to …
  • Autumn Meetings: Polymer (Yokohama) & Physics (Kanazawa) 09/16/2016
    September is busy for the autumn meetings. Mr Hirayama and I attended the meeting of Japanese Polyme …
  • Book for OCTA 09/12/2016
    The book for the OCTA system has been published. Japanese version has been published as well. In the …
  • Workshop @ OIST 09/03/2016
    After the conference in Kyoto, I was invited to an international workshop in OIST (Okinawa Institute …
  • ICR2016 is Over (?) 08/27/2016
    The 17th international congress on rheology, the largest meeting for rheologists world wide, took pl …


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