Capillary length of water

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In the Christmas vacation I was busy for reviewing some funding proposals. To my observation, there seemed too many research plans which strongly heads to industrial applications. Although such a direction is along the social demand, as a researcher in a basic science, it is somewhat pity. Indeed, only a few proposals mentioned theoretical directions… […]

Happy 2018 for all

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The last year was great as usual, owing to the great help made by the labo members including students of course, the other professors and staffs in Nagoya University (specifically in Department of Materials Physics), the editorial board members and staffs of the Journal of Society of Rheology Japan, collaborating private sectors (in particular Sumitomo […]

Talk in science cafe

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On Oct 11th, I was invited to deliver a talk on theology in the Aichi Science Cafe, which is a series of talks by the researchers in the university in this region. This year 15 talks are planned in total, and all of the talks will be in October and November. The topics are widely […]

Analysis of Brownian Motion of DNA

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I found this paper very interesting. From my phD study, Brownian motion of DNA molecules has been observed via fluorescent microscope, and typical observed behavior of DNA is as shown above. (This movie was taken by Mr Sato who graduated form my group when I was in Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.) Just following […]


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An interesting article for clotting of human blood, I have found. I can imagine that clotting (solidification) of blood has significant effects on surgeries and other medical operations. But I did not know how people quantify it. According to the article above, medical people make rheological measurements so-called thrombelastography. Because I did not know the […]