Some events with students

Last two weeks we have had a few events for students including some students in other universities.

Several days ago, Professor Arai in Kindai University suddenly visited us with his master course students. They brought us some great news for one of the students, Mr Kobayashi, who will proceed to the phD course, he will have JSPS scholarship, and finally, he will get married soon. Mr Kobayasi is an excellent student, who has published 3 first authored papers already and some additional co-authored papers. This amount is exceptionally great, and it fully deserves JSPS scholarship. He has a great potential as a researcher, and I am lucky to get to know him at his starting. Actually, the situation is something similar to the case with Professor Arai, with whom the relationship was established at his phD period.

The last Tuesday was the final deadline of the thesis, both for master and undergrad students. Though I have not seen their final version, I believe the thesis from our group should be fine. Prof Yamamoto and I have made line-to-line checking a few times for each. Nevertheless, we will put the thesis on our webpage soon to disclose them. After the thesis submission, we celebrated it with some SUSHI, for which I paid to express my gratitude.

Last Monday I attended the mid-term presentation for 3rd-year undergrads in Yamagata University. In this fiscal year, I am in the double appointment between Nagoya and Yamagata owing to the contract, in which my task is to help the starting up of Professor Milano’s group. Professor Milano has come to Yamagata last year and he has 3 undergrads. Because Professor Milano’s father suddenly passed away just before the event, I took care of the undergrads to finish up their presentations. They made great performance. Indeed, very differently from the other students, they had to make the presentation in English, because of their supervisor. That is very tough work. They were good enough.


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