Force-display device utilizing MR fluid

In the last week we have new undergrads. In our department the undergrads are distributed to the laboratories in their final year for the thesis project. The assignment is basically made according to their choice. The undergrads are asked to submit their order of preference for the laboratories. Owing to the collected lists, the professors make the assignment. In some cases, due to the matter of capacity and safety, unfortunately some students have to belong to laboratories out of their list. Nevertheless, I hope they settle in their new place and enjoy their research life.

I have found an interesting movie for the force-display device. See the video below. (The image at the headline is nothing related to the device.) We have ‘display’ in front of us for visual purpose. Speakers would be called as audio-display. in such a sense, force-display or sensory-display is a device to present a sense of touch. In this specific case, a magnetic fluid is used. Magnetic fluids are group of liquids that change the viscosity according to the intensity of applied magnetic field. One of interesting subjects in rheology.



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