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  • 名古屋大学物性談話会 講演者:桂木洋光教授
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    講演者:桂木洋光教授 大阪大学大学院理学研究科宇宙地球科学専攻 開催日:2023年4月26日水曜日 15:00ー16:30 開催地:名古屋大学VBLベンチャーホールとZoomのハイブリッド形式 講演題目:固くて柔らかい粉体でつなぐ宇宙・地球・生物・物理 […]
  • Congratulations on graduation
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    Today is the graduation day for the students in the master-course and in the undergraduate-course. We made a photo to take this opportunity. (You may see the enlarged image by clicking the small […]
  • crop unrecognizable male men using laptop on streetPost-doc positions
    In Micellaneous
    There are a few post-doc positions currently (as of Jan 27, 2021) available in our group for the following projects: A: Modelling and simulations of structural and physical changes caused by polymer […]