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  • Impact factors for rheology related journals
    In Micellaneous, Rheology
    For a business presentation in the annual meeting of the Society of Rheology, Japan, I have made the database scanning to obtain the recent impact factors for rheology related journals. The result is […]
  • Attending AERC2018 Sorrento
    In Activity, Conference, LifeLog
    In the last week I went to Sorrento, Italy, to attend the annual European rheology conference this year. The photo above is Mt Vesuvio from Sorrento. Because the European meeting is usually held in […]
  • Force-display device utilizing MR fluid
    In LifeLog, Rheology
    In the last week we have new undergrads. In our department the undergrads are distributed to the laboratories in their final year for the thesis project. The assignment is basically made according to […]
  • The World Ranking of …
    In Activity, LifeLog, Paper
    According to the times higher education ranking, Nagoya University is at the 7th position, which would be reasonable, I think, although it was located at the 4th position last year. Very different […]
  • Some events with students
    In LifeLog
    Last two weeks we have had a few events for students including some students in other universities. Several days ago, Professor Arai in Kindai University suddenly visited us with his master course […]