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March 2018
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  • Some events with students
    In LifeLog
    Last two weeks we have had a few events for students including some students in other universities. Several days ago, Professor Arai in Kindai University suddenly visited us with his master course […]
  • Oral exam for undergrads
    In LifeLog, Rheology
    Last Wednesday we had the oral examination for the undergrads in our department. For the final clarification, our undergrads have to pass the three hurdles, consisting of i) approval from the […]
  • Microjet Generator for Highly Viscous Fluids
    In LifeLog, Rheology
    After the official labo-visiting days, a few students sent me an e-mail message to request an extra labo-visiting for them. Such a request from the students who did not come to our group in the […]
  • Final exam for master couse
    In LifeLog, Rheology
    We had the oral examination for the master students. In our department, they have to submit their thesis by the end of January. Afterwards they have interviews with a few professors who are assigned […]
  • IWEAYR13 in Jeju
    In Activity, Conference, LifeLog
    In the last week, I attended the international workshop IWEAYR-13 in Jeju, Korea, with all the students in my group including undergrads. As I wrote before, the workshop is an unique event in which […]