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  • Freezing Bubble
    These weeks our students are busy for the thesis and for the preparation to attend to the coming IWEAYR meeting in Jeju. Joining the event is a challenge, in particular for undergrads since that is […]
  • Polymers mitigate vortex formations
    The recent great news for our group is that Mr Hirayama has been awarded by the Japanese Society of Polymer Processing for his research on the solidification of Nylons. Among several prize winners, […]
  • 成形加工学会でポスター賞をいただきました!
    こんにちは、M2の学生の平山です。 先日行われた成形加工学会でポスター賞をもらったので報告です!   先日と言っても学会は先月末に行われたので、ざっと一ヶ月くらい期間が空いています。 というのも、この記念品の盾が特注だった為、来るのに期間が空いてしまったのです。 首をながーくしながら待っていたら昨日、研究室に届きこの報告を書いている次第です。   […]
  • Liquid drops levitate on liquid surfaces
    In the last week I listened the training course for ventilators, I attended the editorial board meeting for a textbook on polymer science in Tokyo, I managed the entrance examination for foreign […]
  • ER and MR may return to the stage
    In the last week, I shuttled back and forth to Tokyo twice. One of the opportunities was for the meeting related to SIP project, in which my due is to develop a coarse-grained simulation scheme for […]
  • Bone and viscoelasticity
    Even after the discussion meeting of Japanese society of rheology, I have been being busy. In particular, I am stressed by the situation of the journal of the Japanese society of rheology. For the […]
  • Polymers for Watches
    Last week we had the discussion meeting of the Society of Rheology, Japan, in Niigata. There were many interesting talks but I saw some problems in the computational rheology session, which I […]
  • Talk in science cafe
    On Oct 11th, I was invited to deliver a talk on theology in the Aichi Science Cafe, which is a series of talks by the researchers in the university in this region. This year 15 talks are planned in […]
  • 粘弾性とは何か
    粘弾性とはどのような性質なのでしょうか.粘弾性は,粘性と弾性の両方を併せ持つ性質,と言われることがありますが,この説明は正確ではありません.(例えば塑性でも粘性と弾性の両方を示します.) […]
  • レオロジー的な物質の分類
    理想的な固体,理想的な液体: […]