Autumn Meetings: Polymer (Yokohama) & Physics (Kanazawa)

September is busy for the autumn meetings. Mr Hirayama and I attended the meeting of Japanese Polymer Society in Yokohama, and Mr Isoda joined the meeting of Japanese Society of Physics in Kanazawa. The students may submit their own report for the meetings.

Concerning myself, I gave an invited talk titled as “Soft-matter physics in processing of long-fiber thermoplastic composites”. It was something stupid to give such a talk in the session dedicated to simulation of polymers, but the direction was requested by Prof. Aoyagi who was the organizer. In the past meetings (as well as the most of future meetings) I made talks on my own polymer simulations. (I push students and collaborators to present their results by themselves.) But for this specific case, Prof. Aoyagi “kindly” asked me to present something in the National Composite Center (NCC). Although I am developing a simulation code for composites, the study is quite premature (even before premature, preprepre…mature, maybe). Thus, to go along his request, I put all the things related to NCC into the talk. Namely, my research on the fiber length distribution, Prof. Yamamoto’s theory of compression molding, and Mr Hirayama’s topic for solidification of thermoplastic composites. Although the contents did not related to simulations, I saw that only small number of people in the room got sleep in the session. It means the talk was acceptable, hopefully ;->. Nevertheless, it is good to add the line in the NCC record for the invited talk on the research projects for NCC (in my CV, too).

I suppose that this kind of opportunity in which I make my talk not for my own subject but for something made in our group would become frequent… I appreciate the efforts by group members, and my talk is just a kind of showcasing their researches. Actually, in the polymer meeting, fortunately I made my invited talk before Hirayama’s presentation. I advertised his research, and I saw that there were some people attracted to Hirayama’s session. I think this is correct way of PI’s talk.

I thank Prof. Aoyagi for giving me the opportunity and also thank all the attendee coming to our talks.


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