Book for OCTA

9789811008146The book for the OCTA system has been published. Japanese version has been published as well. In these books I wrote the section for the rheology simulation for which I wrote the simulation code as well.

OCTA is the package of simulators for soft-matters, mainly for polymers. The software was developed in the national project directed by Prof. Doi and the first version was released to public around 15 years ago. Many researchers dispatched from private sector and from universities have worked for the development, and some of them are still active to maintain the software on a voluntary basis.

OCTA is free of charge and available here. However, there is a commercialized version as well. In our laboratory both versions are in use.

OCTA is the great project, in particular for researchers in company, because they usually do not have time to develop their own codes. There are of course some similar software packages in the market. But those are developed outside and not that fully accommodated to the Japanese researchers. In particular, technical support (including additional code developments for pre- and post-processing of the data) is available in Japanese. For university students, this situation would be nice as well. Meanwhile, students would be better to have coding opportunities. Otherwise we cannot dispatch researchers with coding skill to the society. In this respect, I appreciate Ankita to initiate a coding seminar in our group.


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