IWEAYR13 in Jeju

In the last week, I attended the international workshop IWEAYR-13 in Jeju, Korea, with all the students in my group including undergrads. As I wrote before, the workshop is an unique event in which professors do not present any results by themselves but they give the opportunity for students. In addition, the organization focuses mixing among students from different countries and laboratories. I have joined this event from the very beginning, and I have been involved in the organization, in particular the past events held in Japan.

I like this event much, because of its policy mentioned above. In addition, the event is precious opportunity for professors as well for networking purpose among Asian countries. In particular, Chinese and Korean laboratories are going very fast, and Japanese laboratories are behind them in many aspects. See international university rankings for example. Indeed, according to the quality of papers and the students attending the event, we Japanese learn a lot from the other countries.

Because our students made practice for their presentations several times in our lunch time meetings, they made it well at the site. They were also good in the poster session. I have some positive feedbacks from the other professors for their performance. I have discussed with some professors for possible collaborations on the students projects as well.

I greatly appreciate the hospitality of Korean people. Next event will be in Nagoya and we must repay them at that occasion.


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