Freezing Bubble

These weeks our students are busy for the thesis and for the preparation to attend to the coming IWEAYR meeting in Jeju. Joining the event is a challenge, in particular for undergrads since that is their first opportunity to present their works outside. To go for it, they have to make the abstract, slides, poster and talk, all in English. The situation is certainly stressful. Meanwhile, for the master course students, now they are well-experienced. Indeed, I am happy to see that they are making the things effectually, clearly demonstrating their progress.

The news from our group is that Ankita Pandey, the post-doc researcher, has left our group by many reasons. This situation may push our group back to quite domestic situations, as we do not have foreigner in our group at this time being. For instance, it may not necessary to write this blog entry in English. But I have found that there are some readers of this blog outside Japan as well…

During the days, I have found this interesting article. Just see the video below.


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