Poster award to Mr Isoda

In the annual meeting of the society of rheology, Japan, Mr Isoda won the best presentation award for his poster on the stability of liquid films in foams. Honestly, I was afraid that his study may not be highly appreciated in the specific meeting, because his study is not directly related to rheology. Indeed, he theoretically describes the disjoining pressure between two facing liquid surfaces, where charged surfactants are attached to, and some oppositely-charged polyelectrolytes are dispersed in between. At this time being, his theory is for the equilibrium and not for the dynamics. However, disjoining pressure is related to stability of foams and may affect the lifetime of the foam, and such effects may be detectable in a rheological measurement something like this. Actually, Mr Asai is attempting this direction for his thesis.

Nevertheless, I appreciate the fellows who correctly evaluate his study. And, of course, congratulation to Mr Isoda for his success. I am happy to see that his efforts has been rewarded somehow.


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