Ankita won the best poster prize from the European Rheology Community

We have received the great news for Dr Ankita Pandey who won the best poster prize at the Annual European Rheology meeting. Take a look at the award certificate that has been sent from her mobile phone.

Her poster was on “Coarse-Grained Simulations for Entangled Star Polymer Melts” and co-authored by myself, and presented at Annual European Rheology Conference 2017 in Copenhagen.

The study is the part of our research project for the development of simulation methods for high-performance materials for motor-cars and aviation industries. I pushed her to make the presentation in the conference because we have to continuously exhibit our activities to convince the funding agency, which is also watched by the government and the tax-payers. Due to the time constraint, the accumulated results by the conference were not that sufficient, even though the study itself deserved the presentation. (Indeed, her results were scarcely entangled stars rather than well-entangled stars.) Observing the situation before the conference, I did not expect the prize and actually it is beyond my expectation.

Nevertheless, I appreciate the consideration from the European colleagues, and of course, congratulations to Ankita!!


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