Interchain cross-correlation in entangled binary polymer blends

We have published the work above:

This study is for something very basic for polymer dynamics. The analytical models for polymer dynamics such as Rouse, Zimm, and tube models assumes that there do not exist any inter-chain correlations; all the polymer chains behave independently. Because these models work excellently for most of experimental data, the independent assumption has been used a priori. On the other hand, in some experimental studies there do exist the correlation. Some molecular dynamics simulations as well. We have investigated this issue by our multi-chain slip-link model in which the inter-chain correlation is induced by i) constraint-release and ii) force balance around entanglement. Comparing the other molecular model that takes accounts the effect of constraint-release, we conclude that the force balance is the issue, at least in our model description. But it is fair to also mention that it would be a sort of artifacts in our model and/or numerical integration. Thus, indeed, further studies are necessary.


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