About IWEAYR-14

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IWEAYR-14 was held in Nagoya on January 23-26, 2019. All of our lab members including 3 professors and 11 students attended this workshop. There were two sessions for academic communication: an oral session and a poster session. During the meeting, many young rheologists presented their work, from which I learned a lot and got good […]


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新しく増渕研に配属になった4年生の方は,4月4日のガイダンス終了後に速やかに増渕研のミーティングルーム(工学部3号館北館3階331号室)にお越しください.研究室ガイダンスののちに昼食会を兼ねた歓迎会を行います. 歓迎会は遅くとも3時には終了しますが,歓迎会ののちに研究室の机やパソコンの割り当てなどを行います.課題も早速与えられますので,夕方までの時間は確保していただく方がよいと思います.

Rheology in vending machines

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Last month, I was seriously sick and in a hospital for a few weeks. During that period, when I felt reasonably good, occasionally I sought something related to rheology for patients. For example, it was interesting to see that the needles for intravenous drips are flexible. I did recognize it because I had enough time […]