About IWEAYR-14

IWEAYR-14 was held in Nagoya on January 23-26, 2019. All of our lab members including 3 professors and 11 students attended this workshop.

There were two sessions for academic communication: an oral session and a poster session. During the meeting, many young rheologists presented their work, from which I learned a lot and got good inspirations for my research work. I made a short oral presentation and poster as well.

short oral session

long oral session

poster session

Apart from academic communication, student activities were also included in this workshop. At first night I sat together with my team members in the welcome party and then we went to Izakaya for ice-breaking. We gradually became familiar and got along well with each other. On the 25th, we explored Nagoya Castle and Nagoya City Science Museum and had a very good time.

Nagoya Castle (inside)

This workshop is very unforgettable for me because it is my first time to attend a large international workshop since I became a Ph.D. student. I really enjoyed it and benefited from the whole process. I look forward to joining IWEAYR-15 in China in 2020. I believe I will do much better next time.

See you in China!

Yang Lixin

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