Talk in science cafe

On Oct 11th, I was invited to deliver a talk on theology in the Aichi Science Cafe, which is a series of talks by the researchers in the university in this region. This year 15 talks are planned in total, and all of the talks will be in October and November. The topics are widely distributed, and categorized into several themes, which are astrophysics, advanced manufacturing, medical science, biology, and science in general. Although my talk (on rheology) was arranged in the advanced manufacturing, I did not know this arrangement and actually my talk was mostly on basis of rheology and not that related to manufacturing. Nevertheless, I do not believe that the audience cares about the categorization.

The venue was a drinking bar located in Sakae-area with around 20 seating capacity. I was afraid that the place may be empty. But fortunately, there were more than 15 people came up to the talk. I made the talk without any equations to focus fun of rheology with various funny stories, which include for example the youtube presented in my blog. I also performed demonstrative experiments including the egg drop onto the alpha gel. The number of audience was appropriate for the demonstrations that were virtually experienced by all the people there.

Overall, I enjoyed the event owing to the satisfactory reactions from the audience. It was a happy surprise to see a woman who came up to the event with her children motivated my book on rheology.


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