Conference Report


Total number of participants: 119
Total number of submitted papers:  79

Breakdown by country
Japan 48
Korea 46
China 16
Thailand 9

Breakdown by registration category
Student 76
Professor 39
Family 4

Breakdown by presentation category
Short Oral 15 (incl. 3 talks from professors)
Short Oral and Poster 56
Long Oral 9

Award Winners

Short Oral and Poster Award
P03 Hyungjoo Yim (Seoul National University)
P15 Kamonthira Wichai (Suranaree University of Technology)
P34 Benke Li (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
P36 Akitoshi Sasakura (Kyoto University)
P44 Jin Hoon Yang (Seoul National University)
P53 Shangwei Li (Osaka University)
P56 Kae Soma (Kyoto University)

J. Soc. Rheol. Jpn Encouragement Award
L02 Takeshi Sato (Kyoto University)
L11 Jung Hyun Ahn (Seoul National University)

Student Activity Award
Team H, I, and K