Bone and viscoelasticity

Even after the discussion meeting of Japanese society of rheology, I have been being busy. In particular, I am stressed by the situation of the journal of the Japanese society of rheology. For the coming issue, currently we do not have sufficient amount of manuscripts, and we are afraid that the issue may not be publishable. Owing to this situation, I wrote a manuscript on the molecular description of viscosity growth curve under fast shear. I have already published several papers on the molecular mechanism of stress overshoot. This time, I focus the stress undershoot following the overshoot. The undershoot has come into fashion recently owing to the development of experimental technology. Nevertheless, I made some simulations, analyzed the results, and wrote the manuscript in a short period. Because the study was initiated by Professor Marrucci and Professor Ianniruberto in Italy, I have sent the manuscript to them to have their approval for co-authoring. Now the manuscript is under their evaluation, and hopefully the manuscript is going to be submitted in time. Such a quick manuscript writing is a kind of training.

Apart from the manuscript mentioned above, I made several 1-hour lectures during the period on different topics for each; basic rheology, simulation of polymer dynamics, basics of coarse-graining simulations, and rheology of polymers. These are of course related to each other and there are some overlaps. Indeed, the significant issue for all the topics is the relaxation. For viscoelastic relaxation, I have found an interesting video shown below. I did not know that bone is viscoelastic.


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