Brownian? non-Brownian?

Because I am in charge of the editor for the journal of society of rheology, japan, these days I have made the proofreading for the coming issue, which includes 4-5 papers. Of course the contents of each paper have been approved, so that what I have to do is to find and correct some minor errors… They are very minor errors and maybe not that important for the readers. But it would be a matter of cheapness, for example, if the style of bibliography in the list of reference is not consistent with each other.

Nothing related to my journal but I have found
this article interesting because it might be something like astro-rheology.
One of the important aspects of rheology is to probe the Brownian motion of molecules (by means of mechanical spectroscopy). In this sense, Brownian motion is deeply related to rheology. The issue in the linked article is for discrimination of signals with respect to the Brownian motion; if the signal obtained from space is not just due to Brownian motion, the signal might represent some living organisms.
But, I am wondering if there exist any specific criteria to distinguish the signal of life from the Brownian signal, which may include diffusive, sub-diffusive, drifts,… etc.


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