Yoshifumi Amamoto

Dr Yoshifumi Amamoto
Worked from 2016 Apr to 2018 Mar as JSPS SPD Fellow

Activities during the stay:

  1. 髙田寛人,天本義史,山本哲也,増渕雄一, “ガラス転移近傍でのポリブタジエンの分子動力学シミュレーション”,第64回レオロジー討論会(2016/10/29),大阪大学,ポスター発表P44
  2. Yoshifumi Amamoto, Satoru Matsushima, Atsushi Takano, Yushu Matsushita, Yuichi Masubuchi,“Molecular Simulation of Polymers Containing Different Alkyl Chain Lengths in Side Chains” IPC2016, (2016/12/15) Fukuoka, Japan, 15P-S2-023a
  3. K. Natsume, Y. Amamoto, Y. Masubuchi, T. Yamamoto “Structural changes of DNA-histone complexes in various ionic strength and species”, IWEAYR-12th, p25 (2017/2/10)Chonburi, Thailand
  4. H. Takata,Y. Amamoto T. Yamamoto, Y. Masubuchi,“Molecular dynamics simulation of 1,4-cis-polybutadiene in vicinity of glass transition”, IWEAYR-12th, P8 (2017/2/9)Chonburi, Thailand
  5. Yoshifumi Amamoto, Hideyuki Otsuka, Atsushi Takahara and Krzysztof Matyjaszewski,“Chemical Gels Cross-linked by Reversible Covalent Bonds: Toward Changes in Network Sizes and Self-healing Materials”IWEAYR-12th, O5 (2017/2/9)Chonburi, Thailand
  6. ○夏目享治,増渕雄一,山本哲也,天本義史, “金属イオンがDNAとヒストン単量体の凝集構造に与える影響”,日本レオロジー学会第44回年会(2017/5/18,19),京都,ポスター発表P20
  7. ○天本義史, “後架橋した高分子のネットワーク構造と一軸伸長挙動への影響”, MDOI2017 (2017/9/15), Nagoya
  8. ○夏目享治,天本義史,増渕雄一,山本哲也, “金属イオンがグロビュール状DNA-ヒストン凝集体の大きさに与える影響”,第55回日本生物物理学会年会(2017/9/19-21),熊本,ポスター発表2Pos094
  9. ○髙田寛人,天本義史,山本哲也,増渕雄一“非絡み合い高分子のダイナミクスに対する排除体積相互作用の影響”,第65回レオロジー討論会,P43,(2017/10/17),新潟
  10. ○平山貴也,山本哲也,天本義史,増渕雄一“粘弾性,熱分析,赤外分光測定によるナイロン6の固化の測定”,第65回レオロジー討論会,3B04,(2017/10/19),新潟,口頭発表
  11. ○平山貴也,山本哲也,天本義史,増渕雄一“ナイロン6の固化における水素結合と結晶化”,プラスチック成形加工学会 第25回秋季大会成形加工シンポジア17,P36,(2017/10/31),大阪,ポスター発表
  12. ○Yoshifumi AMAMOTO, Satoru MATSUSHIMA, Atsushi TAKANO, Yushu MATSUSHITA and Yuichi MASUBUCHI,”Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Polystyrene Confined to Alkyl Groups in the Side Chains”,IUMRS-ICAM2017,Kyoto, C2-I28-010, invited.
  13. Kotaro Shimada, Ankita Pandey, Yoshifumi Amamoto, Tetsuya Yamamoto and Yuichi Masubuchi, “Effects of Flexibility on the Motion of Active Particles”, IWEAYR-13th(2018/1/24-26), Jeju, Korea, P21, oral & poster.
  14. Akira Kusada, Yoshifumi Amamoto, Satoru Matsushima, Tetsuya Yamamoto and Yuichi Masubuchi, “Linear Viscoelasticity of Polystyrene Melts Containing Nano-Particles”, IWEAYR-13th(2018/1/24-26), Jeju, Korea, P18, oral & poster.
  15. Kyoji Natsume, Yoshifumi Amamoto, Yuichi Masubuchi and Tetsuya Yamamoto, “The Interaction Between Charged Surfaces Grafted With And Without Polyelectrolytes With Various Salt Concentration”, IWEAYR-13th(2018/1/24-26), Jeju, Korea, P16, oral & poster.
  16. Hiroto Takata, Yoshifumi Amamoto, Tetsuya Yamamoto and Yuichi Masubuchi, “Effects of Inter-segment Interactions on Normal Modes of Unentangled Polymers”, IWEAYR-13th(2018/1/24-26), Jeju, Korea, P13, oral & poster.


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