Nagoya Workshop on Molecular Simulations of Soft Matters 2022


Despite many attempts, simulations of soft matters are still challenging because the dynamic and structural wavelengths are widely spread. This workshop will showcase the advanced techniques and present the perspective of the field. The program contains keynote and invited lectures delivered by leading researchers, including Prof. Müller-Plathe from Darmstadt and Prof. Yasuoka from Keio.


Nov 17th, 2022


13:00 Opening

13:05 Prof. Müller-Plathe (Darmstadt, invited keynote 1):
Multiscale molecular simulation: the challenge of dynamics

13:50 Prof. Kawakatsu (Tohoku, invited):
Multiscale simulations of polymeric fluids

14:20 Prof. Takimoto (Yamagata, invited):
Unentangled polymer under fast flow: a simulation study

14:50 Prof. Sukumaran (Yamagata, invited):
Dynamics and entanglements in binary polymer blends

15:20 Break

15:30 Prof. Yasuoka (Keio, invited keynote 2):
Machine learning for acceleration and analysis of molecular simulations

16:15 Prof. Terao (Gifu, invited):
Machine learning for structure identification of colloidal systems

16:45 Prof. Surblys (Tohoku, invited):
Robustly obtaining thermal properties of complex systems via molecular dynamics

17:15 Mr. Nakai (Nagoya, solicited):
Fluctuating diffusivity emerges even in binary gas mixtures

17:30 Mr. Oishi (Nagoya, solicited):
Soret coefficient of dumbbells obeying Langevin equation

17:45 Closing

Organized by

Rheology Physics Group, Nagoya University

Co-organized by
The Molecular Simulation Society of Japan
The Society of Rheology, Japan

In-person: ES-Hall, Nagoya University
On-line: Zoom meeting (the link will be sent to attendees)

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Yuichi Masubuchi, Nagoya University